Cups and Seeds is a piece for 4 players, cups, and different seeds or grains from the kitchen. The players should locate around the audience, not in front of them. The ideal situation is if everyone can move freely and choose what to listen to more closely. Many of the sounds seeds produce are so tender, that only the player...

Sound-Space Installation "Hirvitalo Ambiences" is a co-creation project with Jussi Suonikko. It was a part of the "Välisyyksiä" exhibition at the Tampering Festival 2023.

Olet tässä (You Are Here) is an installation built in the exhibition "Kuluma". Kuluma took place in Hirvitalo Gallery, Tampere from 25th September to 16th October 2022. The exhibition was a collaboration with four artists (Anna Hakula, Venla Huhtinen, Ella Salminen, and Joel Verner). The plants react to touch with sound. The installation can be...



I composed a more detailed version of the installation I executed in Viitasaari in summer 2021. The installation was part of TADweek (Tampere Architecture and Design Week) 1.-8.10.2021.

I took part in the Performing arts laboratory for interdisciplinary artistic cooperation with Brigitta Muntendorf and Michael Höppner 6.-11.7.2021. Laboratory was a part of the contemporary music festival Time of Music in Viitasaari, Finland. My installation was part of the laboratory outcome.

Cups and seeds


I took part in a sound art workshop called "Ecology of sound" in Tampere 2020. The workshop was part of a festival called Ung Nordisk Musik ( In the workshop, we discussed the nature of sounds, environmental sounds, and how to use them as material on composing. Teachers of the workshop were Petri Kuljuntausta,...

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