Hirvitalo Ambiances


Sound-Space Installation "Hirvitalo Ambiences" is a co-creation project with Jussi Suonikko. It was a part of the "Välisyyksiä" exhibition at the Tampering Festival 2023.

The installation connects with the exhibition space through interior design as well as concrete sounds collected from Hirvitalo and its garden. Within the soundscape, one can hear conversations among the old creaking doors of the house and how work finds its rhythm in the basement workshop. Thoughts become clear in the heat of the sauna, and on a windy spring day, there's a pause in the yard to listen to the wind. Meanwhile, in the communal kitchen, vegan bolognese is being prepared.

The installation symbiotic way complements the communal soundscape of Hirvitalo, and also blends partially with the sounds of the house. At times, it plays independently; at others, it gives space to sounds of the house. The artwork mix concrete music, ambience, and electronic sound design. String instruments and bass clarinet, playing alongside, add their own contributions.

As the instruments frame the collected sounds, neon tape frames the objects that have produced the sounds. The sound installation has been created by Jussi Suonikko, and the space installation has been constructed based on shared discussions by Anna Hakula.

The bass clarinet in the work is played by Milo Linnovaara.

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