At the beginning of my composing process, I got in my mind a picture of a misty landscape. The atmosphere of the landscape was like a dream, somewhere between the conscious and the subconscious. In the piece, three different instruments are playing in the border of a noisy rustle and a chanting sound. There are glimpses of something unrecognizable...

Soiva tila | Resonating Space was an exploration of sound and material. I composed the piece for a clarinetist, a recorder player, a cellist-singer, a percussionist, a dancer, and a ceramic installation. The installation and three concerts were part of Tampere Biennale 2022. The installation was made by sculpturer Mari Paikkari and it was played...

Viola solo


The starting point of the piece Viola solo was an oppressive emotion that grows and becomes intolerant. What is after the last straw? Mist, dust, fragments. Is it possible to grow something from them? The sound of viola is experimented with in extremes: as noise, in high registers, and by breaking the sound. The instrument enables a vast spectrum...

Two pieces for female voice and piano. The texts and music reflect the feelings of loneliness, solitude, and being lost.



Chamber piece for 3 flutes, marimba, kantele, and guitar.



Cyclogenesis is a chamber work for a violin, a voice, a guitar, a vibraphone, a contrabass, and live electronics (40 min). Premier was part of Tampere Architecture and Design Week TADA. Visual artist Ilona Lehtonen made the video-mixing to the dome of the planetarium.

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