Olet tässä (You are here)

image: Henrik Laakkonen
image: Henrik Laakkonen

Olet tässä (You Are Here) is an installation built in the exhibition "Kuluma". Kuluma took place in Hirvitalo Gallery, Tampere from 25th September to 16th October 2022. The exhibition was a collaboration with four artists (Anna Hakula, Venla Huhtinen, Ella Salminen, and Joel Verner). The plants react to touch with sound. The installation can be played by the audience.

In the piece 'here' means a point in spacetime, in this place, at this moment. The plants that are a part of the installation grow throughout the exhibition, curl when they dry up, and straighten when they get watered. The spectator gets to sound the installation by stepping into it barefoot and by touching the plants. The sounds last for a prolonged present: they slowly fade after letting go. The copper sheet on the floor gets patinated from every step, so everyone daring to enter the installation leaves a mark of themselves on the piece.

Players in this video are visitors of the gallery and music is improvised using the installation "Olet tässä". The first player is Helena Holm and the second is Kaisa Nakari.

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