Tampering Festival 2023: Välisyyksiä


Interdisciplinarity between people, between species, between animate and inanimate, between built and nature, between internal and external, between visible and invisible. The starting point of the exhibition is to explore these intermediate causes, interaction, and inspiration. There is a multifaceted communication between arts and artists that cannot be directly translated into language. Thoughts flow independently of words, without linguistic abstraction or mathematical models. Strong intuition unites artists and enables the flow and development of even unfinished thoughts in new directions.

The exhibition was part of the Tampering Festival 2023 and it operates on the interfaces of music. The works are united by the interaction of two or more different art fields. Some of the works are simply inspired by a work from another art field, some from a feature found in another art, and some are the fruit of a deeper collaboration.

An important starting point in building the exhibition complex has been bringing together artists from different backgrounds. The goal has been to enable communal art-making and to encourage leaps into the unknown. The Välisyyksiä exhibition supports the hearing of artists' polyphony and communication across art boundaries.

The exhibition, which focuses on sound art and multi-arts, is a new opening for the Tampering Festival, which felt necessary for the ten-year festival. The latest music escapes definition and many works are at their best somewhere other than concert halls. The space where the works are experienced affects the experience, and the gallery space also frees the composer to explore form and media in a new way. What is music in the end and what could it be?

The artists of the exhibition have been asked to join by Anna Hakula.

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